Commission: Michael (detail)
Value: $5,000
Medium: Staedtler Lumograph and Prismacolor Pencils on Acid-Free Paper.
Size: 22x30

Process: "Michael's" portrait was drawn from photographs taken by the artist.  Once the photograph that captured Michael's persona best was chosen, both Michael and his mother were interviewed to collect information that was biographical and would be used to enhance the background and foreground of his portrait.  Everything in this particular piece has meaning.  The stamp pattern around the border, the numbers, the musical notes, the feather, the colors, the symbols, and the words all are unique to Michael.  This piece took about two months to complete, as it required not only capturing his features perfectly but also incorporating all of the valuable information which had been shared about Michael, his childhood, and his aspirations.  Once the piece was completed, the artist helped to pick a frame for the piece which was paid for separately by the client. 

Commission: Griffin (detail)
Value: $13,000
Medium: Staedtler Lumograph and Prismacolor Pencils on Acid-Free Paper.
Size: 43x58
Process: "Griffin's" portrait was one of four rendered as one large piece.  This particular piece was commissioned as a gift for their father.  Griffin's portrait was drawn from a photograph taken by the artist.  The kids were photographed inside a school gym during a sunny winter day, which had optimal light with a film camera.  Once the photographs were developed, the kids and their mom helped to choose the photographs they liked most of themselves.  Once the photographs were chosen, all of the children were interviewed as was their mom to gather details that would be used to decorate the background as well as the foreground.  This piece took about three months to complete and did have a deadline given that it was meant to be a birthday gift. One of the girls in the piece has an actual silver earring which was pierced on through the paper.  Once the piece was completed, the artist helped to pick a frame for the piece which was paid for separately by the client.  
Commission: Derick (detail)
Value: $5,000
Medium: Staedtler Lumograph and Prismacolor Pencils on Acid-Free Paper.
Size: 22x30
Process: "Derick" is a sentimental piece because it was commissioned by a friend who had lost his brother.  As such it is a bereavement piece, which holds a lot of personal emotional value.  The client who commissioned the piece provided the images of his brother via email.  The photograph that best captured Derick was printed and that image was used to render his portrait.  Derick was very fond of two of his Pitbulls, whose images were also shared via email and used as a reference.  The background is composed of Derick's dogs repeating, while also including his full name and football jersey number.  The piece which took about a month to complete was delivered to the client once it was completed and framed as a gift.  This particular piece remains one of the artists' favorites.     
Commission: Sophie (detail)
Value: $7,000
Medium: Staedtler Lumograph and Prismacolor Pencils on Acid-Free Paper.
Size: 32x46
Process: Sophie's piece is one of the largest pieces rendered by the artist in color pencil on paper for a single portrait.  Although the client commissioned drawings of two girls, as a gift to her friend, she asked that they be drawn separately so that later each girl could keep their own portrait.  The artist had been invited to the house of the client, while the girls were visiting with their family.  Impromptu photographs were taken of the girls while everyone had dinner one night, which were then commissioned as gifts.  Sophie, the older sister was drawn first.  Her piece is completely filled with moths.  Due to its large size and copious details, this piece took about four months to complete.  Once the piece of her sister was completed, and both pieces were approved by the client, the drawings were shipped by certified mail to Texas, where they were later framed and hung.  
Commission: Lulu (detail)
Value: $14,000
Medium: Staedtler Lumograph and Prismacolor Pencils on Acid-Free Paper.
Size: 43x60
Process: Lulu's portrait was drawn from a photograph taken by the artist at the home of the client. The photos were taken outdoors on a sunny summer day.  Both of Lulu's brothers were also photographed and included in a large scale drawing.  This piece took about six months to complete due to its size, medium, and detail.  All of the children and their mother were interviewed to obtain details that could be used in the background as well as the foreground.  Since all three children were given names that were symbolic and fit certain color schemes, their faces were drawn in the colors that pertained to their names.  Poems, songs, numbers, and other meaningful details were used to adorn the piece.  Once the work was completed and approved by the client, the commission was delivered by the artist in person.   The client chose the frame for her piece herself, being equipped as an artist to select matting and framing that were best suited for her commission. 

Commission Work Overview

Contract:  All commissions are done under contract.

Pricing: Pricing depends on pieces(s) requested.  Portraits start at $5,000 for one individual. Additional individuals in the same piece are prorated.  There is a separate charge for materials. 

Payment Terms:  Standard protocol calls for 50% upon signing the contract, and 50% upon completion (prior to delivery).  Work needs to be paid in full before it is delivered.  

Timeline: The duration of the work, start to finish, will depend on the size of the work, including the medium of the work.  As there is typically a waiting list, an exact timeline will be discussed and agreed upon, which will be included in the contract.  For portraits, if adjustments need to be made, the deadline can be adjusted at the discretion of the artist, which will be communicated to the client. 

Creative Process:  Portrait commissions are created using photographs and other visual aids.  If photographs need to be taken, the artist will photograph the subject and make recommendations as to which photo is the most captivating.  An additional charge is required for portraits where the artist needs to produce the photographs, which will include, travel expenses, time, and development depending on which type of camera is used. 

Visual References:  A detailed outline of important information will also be requested to include details that might be included in the artwork, such as numbers, dates, images (birds, butterflies, etc).  Depending on the subject matter, it will be at the discretion of the artist, whether the portrait is in color, pure graphite, or a mixture of both. 

In-Creation Process:  The artist will be sharing visual updates of the work in progress to the client on an agreed basis, typically via email. Unless specified, these images will also be shared by the artist on social media for marketing purposes.

Wrapping Up: When the artist has completed the artwork, a final image will be sent to the client for approval.  Once the piece is sprayed, it CANNOT be altered.  Upon completion of the work and written approval by the client of the piece, the work will be delivered (depending on location) by certified mail.  

Artistic Rights:  The artist reserves ALL of the artistic rights to their work, as well as the right to exhibit and post the work with the client's permission.  If the client is to post the work, the artist must be credited.  The piece cannot be reproduced on any platform, without the written consent of the artist